I remember this day, 17 years ago like yesterday… April 20, 1999… My son, Emmanuel Olaoluwaonipekun Adelani was born at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston, Texas…

My journey to motherhood had been a grueling one… I lost my first baby at 33 weeks, a boy, in 1995 and second one at, a girl at 38 weeks in 1996… ALL hell broke loose after that one. I was in hospital for 18 months, 6 of which I was literally laid flat on my back, I had about 8 major surgeries that left me with my CURRENT disability with my hip/leg… (I had inherited a defective gene from my mom and she had similar challenges and also ended up with a disability).

I had given up ALL hope of being pregnant or having a baby when unexpectedly I became pregnant with ‘E-Man’.… Because of my medical history, I was PERSONALLY seen and monitored by the Chief OBGYN at Ben Taub Hospital at the time.

At 32 weeks I had a MAJOR scare. I had gone in for a scheduled transfusion and during the process we LOST the heartbeat of ‘E-Man’… I was rushed to the theater and as they wanted to begin the cesarean to try and SAVE him, his heartbeat picked up VERY faintly… I had told God our relationship was OVER if I lost that pregnancy again… :). I spent 1 week in intensive care…

I was induced at 36 weeks… they weren’t going to take any chances with me going to term and ‘E-Man’ was born on April 20, 1999 and weighed 5.13lbs… That tiny baby is now 17 years old TODAY!

I cannot begin to express in words how I feel… I have watched this tiny baby, who I breast fed exclusively for  four months, turn into an INCREDIBLY smart, God-fearing, handsome hardworking, driven, humble, young man.
I am beyond grateful to the Almighty God for watching over, keeping him… keeping his promises concerning him and for revealing himself to him…

I cannot share my story without acknowledging and thanking Pst Tope Ade, Temitope Strain, Pastor Rebekah Ayodele, , Pastor Dave Okunade, Pastors Toye & Wumi Ademola, Mrs Nwabuoku and the entire House of Restoration family in Houston Texas … Heaven has your kindness on record and it shall be rewarded…

Today, Olaoluwaonipekun, I publicly honor and celebrate you, I am SO proud of you, I love you to the moon and back and pray that like God revealed himself to Joseph at 17, God will reveal His dream/destiny to you. Like David began to begin to operate in his destiny at 17, that God would release a special anointing on you, today and you will begin to operate FEARLESSLY in your God-given destiny… the gates of hell will NOT prevail against you…

Friends and family please join me in giving 17 hearty “Halleluiahs” to God for ‘E-man’ and join me in wishing him a very Happy Birthday!

Here are 17 INCREDIBLE Things About ‘E-man’ that YOU should know:
1. INCREDIBLY drop dead gorgeous.
2. INCREDIBLE sense of humor
3. INCREDIBLE smile and dimples that would melt your heart
4. INCREDIBLY smart straight A student
5. INCREDIBLY disciplined and hard-working
6. INCREDIBLE work ethic
7. INCREDIBLY driven and ambitious
8. INCREDIBLY athletic and strong
9. INCREDIBLY polite and respectful
10. INCREDIBLY humble and unassuming
11. INCREDIBLY generous and giving
12. INCREDIBLY loyal and protective
13. INCREDIBLY God-fearing and morally upright
14. INCREDIBLY honest
15. INCREDIBLY prayerful
16. INCREDIBLY obedient