His words were crystal clear but I could hear the anguish in his voice when God told me yesterday to tell his children to “GET IN POSITION” for what he is about to do in 2018.

I believe that his anguish stemmed from his concern that MANY of his children were NOT properly positioned and prophetically aligned with his end-time plan which he will begin to unfold very dramatically in 2018.

What does it mean to get in position? How does one get in position? What is the power of positioning?

I tackle these questions and MORE in the 4th and final part of my prophetic activation and empowerment teaching series to equip you to finish and start strong, visit http://maidinmorristown.com/ and find more information. This is arguably one of my most powerful prophetic teachings.

Since God spoke to me yesterday, I have watched the video over and over again.

I invite you to watch the video NOW and listen with your spiritual ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to YOU.


Happy Viewing!