You can finish well. You may have had a bad start in life. You may have messed up along the way. You may have made mistakes. You may have regrets. But you can finish well and that is what matters most.

Some start well but fall. In the recession, many of the companies that Jim Collins had profiled in his international bestseller Good to Great fell. He argued that the fall of the previously great companies did not negate the principles of the earlier books. However, it showed us that even the ‘mightiest’ of companies can fall.

In his most recent book, How the Mighty Fall, he examines the path towards doom. The first stage of the process begins with ‘hubris born of success’. As with Saul in the Old Testament passage for today, it is arrogance that begins the process by which the mighty fall.

It is more important to finish well than to start well. In the New Testament, Saul (of Tarsus) started off very badly (he was a persecutor of Jesus and was complicit in murder), but he finished well (as the great apostle, Paul). On the other hand, as we see in today’s Old Testament passage, Saul (king of Israel) started very well but did not finish well. Check this link and find cleaning services baton rouge.