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If the foregoing describes you, then you’re in good company. Welcome!


It’s been quite a while hasn’t it since you received Royal Proclamations #propheticwatch blog where we review our world in prophecy.

Life gets busy, and as some of you know, writing is not one of Princess Bola’s forte which means she has, unfortunately, been slacking in blogging.

So, actually, this is our first blog of 2019, thanks to the 28 Day ALONE with Jesus fast! (The fast which involves fasting social media means that writing is the only way she can get this vital prophetic alert to you!)


For the last couple of weeks, Princess Bola kept hearing the words; “3 days of terror” in her spirit. And if you remember, she had said in her Purge videos that a lot of the purge would happen in 3’s. 

As she mused and sought the face of the Lord, the Lord laid it on her heart that; 2/22, 2/23 and 2/24 AND 3/22, 3/23 and 3/24 were going to be “3 Days of Terror”.

That means that those days will be characterized by a series of mutiny, anarchy, lawlessness, riots, deaths, bloodshed and natural disasters. They will occur one after the other.

The Lord reminded Princess Bola that February (actually this season) is the month of Double Swords and Double Doors. The swords are going to manifest BIG time on those three dates.

This is both a personal and global word and unfortunately, we will see this prophetic anarchy and purging playing out across the nations of the world.

On a personal level, it means MANY generational household enemies; Jezebels and Pharaohs will be plagued and die… bad news for all “troublers of Israel”. Good news for MANY of God’s children who have been oppressed and depressed by these wicked entities.

Please refer to her Purge videos,and February prophetic word for more details.


As Princess Bola always says; “God reveals to redeem”. He brings us prophetic warnings not to scare us but to warn us!

If we pray and heed the instructions, we can avert prophecies.

On that note, you are encouraged, especially if you are not a part of the 28 Day ALONE with Jesus fast, to observe some kind of fast on those days, plead the Blood of Jesus and Break Bread (Holy Communion) with members of your household, particularly your children and grand-children. (Princess Bola has been sensing some kind of major attack on our children. Pray for them and keep them covered in the Blood of Jesus please.)


The 28th Day of February will usher in a MAJOR financial shift and new beginning as God unveils new financial pathways.


We can see the Princess Bola’s prophetic word playing out as we review the first two weeks of February. Below are some of the highlights:
• It has been raining nonstop in California with drownings and mudslides.
• False prophets continue to be exposed as “Prophet” Bushiri in South Africa is arrested yet again, a Cardinal is unrobed for the first time in history and massive exposure of sexual abuse of some Southern Baptist pastors.
• We saw two famous celebrities pass away,
• The Venezuelan government crisis continues,
• Riots on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria as elections are postponed

On a personal basis, we are received testimonials of new jobs, new homes, engagements, promotions, etc. Indeed the Double Double has been activated and unleashed.

For those still trusting God for manifestation, stay encouraged. You’re next in line for a miracle!


MANY thanks and shout out to ALL the “Gehazis”, “Sons of the Prophets” and “Prophetic Investigators” who are so faithful in sharing with us how our prophetic words are playing out in the culture. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Shout out and MANY thanks also to all our financial partners via PayPal, Patreon, CashApp ($RoyalProclamations) and other channels. Without you, there is no way we can do what we do!

Don’t forget to like, share and comment as you know we love to hear from you.

See you at #theDEEPend on March 3rd, God willing. Stay safe.

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  1. Fayth Jarman
    Fayth Jarman says:

    Pastor Robert Clancy is doing a fast on those same exact days! He is on YouTube and has been inviting people to join his fast on 2/22, 2/23, & 2/24.
    My mother is a BIG TIME Jezebel and my dad is Ahab. The Holy Spirit told me that she didn’t make good on the promise she made to Him. That promise was in 1978 when she died while having a c-section with me. She vowed to God to serve Him if He let her live. For 40 years, she has made my life HELL. God confirmed His Word to me with Exodus 14:30 and Isaiah 61:8, “I, the Lord, love justice…” So your prophecy confirms their demise.

    Thank you so much, Princess Bola!!!!! I miss you! ❤️ #goodword #womanofGod

    • Sharon
      Sharon says:

      Shoo, I can only imagine what weight of emotions you have. Abuse is abuse -and Jezebel is an abuser. I also learnt a thing or two about Jezebel’s abuse from my family-its so bad, I’ve seen actions escalate from dislike to pure hatred, really! I even spent my birthday and Christmas ALONE in 2018 – because you can feel the atmospheric presence of hateful Jezebel among her priests, it was that rife! So, be encouraged-you are Certainly not alone/wierd or anything. I know that God(He has also shown me) is going to put a stop to all of it, especially for the generation after us-kids, but I’m also kind of afraid on the behalf of perpetrators…a tongue lash from me is NOTHING compared to the God of Justice coming for vengeance. It’s terrible! I’m also crying for mercy for Myself, remember justice is unbiased. I pray in the fear of the Lord that when the sword of God comes, that I am not aligned in any way to the devil in my life! Let’s pray for each other, and let’s pray for mercy when God deals with the spirits operating through these people…

  2. Philbert HATUNGIMANA
    Philbert HATUNGIMANA says:

    2019: Year of Harvest! Every man will have to haverst as to his/her sown seeds. It’s a season of whether bad or good rewards. Let’s keep earnestly praying for us, our nations, every area of our lives. God bless you Prophetess, Queen, Mother Adelani. We love you.

  3. Havilah
    Havilah says:

    That is wild! Last week I saw a message from Kim Clement and referenced a scripture from Numbers 10:11,33-35. It talks about the 20th day of 2nd month and how the Presence of God is moving for these next three days! Wow. Right on time!!!

  4. Keriesha Escobar
    Keriesha Escobar says:

    I had a dream just this past week about a huge angel up in the sky. He had two swords in his hands waving them as if he was praising. I didn’t feel fearful at all There was a huge crowd of people watching. I told the people to look out something is going to happen. I felt as though it was something good. We found out ourselves separating some was on one side, some was on the other side. The dream ended after that. Still trying to figure out what this dream means. Usually I ask the Lord and I would get a reply, but I have not gotten a reply on this one.


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