YOU are no ordinary person!

You’re a change agent… a transformer not a conformer. God put you on the planet to inspire and create change… to transform the lives of others and bring them to the saving knowledge of Jesus not so much by preaching but by DEMONSTRATING. Your life is designed to be a DEMONSTRATION of God’s love, power, mercy and grace. Your DEMONSTRATION of his love, power, grace and mercy is NOT intended to take place within the four walls of a Church but in the world, the marketplace, where it is most needed – 1 Corinthians 2 v 4.

It’s time for YOU to step outside the box, step fully into YOUR God-given role as an agent of change and take your place in God’s kingdom… the whole of creation is waiting for YOU – Romans 8 v 19

It is my divine mandate to equip you with the tools, connect you with the resources and come along side you as you rise to your unique call and seek to maximize your impact here on earth…

Welcome to the RADICAL FAITH REVOLUTION… we are redefining what Church is and how Church is done!!!

Princess Bola Adelani

Total Success Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant & Pastor
Conference Host & Founder
Royal Proclamations Founder/CEO

About Radical Faith Conference

Radical Faith Conference is a revolutionary and life-changing full one day conference designed to equip Christians/Believers with the knowledge, power, motivation and skills to step up to their divine identity and calling as transformers and leaders of change. As participants get clear on their purpose, impact and legacy, they are positioned to transform their world.

The ultimate goal is for the conference to serve as a catalyst and propellant to advance believers and transform them into dynamic leaders and effective change agents who are “walking in authority, exercising dominion and excelling in their calling and divine destinies”.

This “Revolutionary Conference” is presented annually, on the last Saturday in April, By Royal Proclamations.

Conference Mission

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” – Proverbs 28 v 19

Each Radical Faith Conference is a themed conference with a narrowed down focus to provide practical tool and resources for participants to excel and maximize their impact in a specific area of need. Themes would be focused on “preserving your whole spirit, body, mind

The ultimate goal of each RFC is to help participants;

A – Acquire knowledge. My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. The universal practical principles would be provided in easy to understand format to

B – Build community: we are stronger together as such there is a special emphasis on networking and interaction among participants. Special group activities and break –out sessions encourage this. We desire that participants build community and cultivate relationships with other like-minded believers.

C – Create strategies: if you fail to plan you plan to fail. This is one of the unique features of the RFC. There is a forty-five minute session where participants are guided by “Group Captains” in an interactive mastermind session to create a post –conference strategic plan with measurable goals. The goal is to encourage participants to sustain the transformation achieved at the conference and hold them accountable.

D – reach Destiny: ultimately whatever the unique call or the mountain of influence to which each participant is called , RFC is designed to set them on the path and propel them to the next level

2014 Conference

The theme of the 2014 conference, “Arise to Your Kingdom Mandate of Profitability and Productivity, is based on Jesus Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25. The goal is to help participants;

  • Understand the divine mandate to be profitable and productive with the time, talents and treasures that has been divinely bestowed on them.
  • To help them understand divine stewardship, accountability, responsibility.
  • To equip them with the tools and connect them with the resources to become profitable and productive with their time, talent and treasures (financially, spiritually, personally and professionally).
  • To help debunk the myths and negative believes that hinder them from striving to be “profitable” and “productive” .
  • To renew their mind with the liberating truth from God’s word.


Radical Faith Conference features

• Dynamic Seminars • Inspirational Speakers • Interactive Panel Discussions • Facilitated Speed Networking • Empowering Resources • Massage Therapists • Money Saving Coupons • Vendors & Exhibitors • Door Prizes plus special empowerment workshops for youth and young adults 13-19+

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