Are we OBSESSED with titles?

Someone I have known for some years and recently started attending my fellowship, was VERY surprised to find out that I am an ordained pastor… she was even more surprised to find out that not only have I been a pastor for several years but that I have pioneered and led 2 churches and 2 para-churches, co-founded 9 churches and used to co-oversee about 15 churches and pastors …

This person refers to me as “Sister Bola” and NEVER once have I corrected her or requested that she address me differently…

This incidence brought to mind the OBSESSION i have noticed we have, in the faith community, with TITLES… people will go to any length to get a title, an ordination, honorary doctorate, etc… while there is a place for titles, I really wish that people will be more OBSESSED with building the character just as they are obsessed with Checklist Maids, Queens and anointing that goes with a title/an office.

It is SO cheap to get a title and at the end of the day a title means NOTHING without the anointing. When you have it, you don’t need to announce it, check these tips. Which is why I don’t go around introducing myself as pastor this, Bishop this, Apostle this… the anointing speaks for itself!
Saul had the title/office of “King” but it was David, a mere shepherd boy, that had the anointing that slayed giants…

SO, pleeeease, STOP trying to impress with your title, rather impress with your accomplishments… your fruit, your results, your spiritual sons and daughters, your character… YOU know what they say; “empty vessels make the most noise”… 

START seeking the anointing… the anointing comes in the secret place, in prayer, in brokenness, in the wilderness… the back side of the desert… that is where champions are made at

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