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The 3’Ds of Failure!

In my nearly two decades career in the people business, (as a preacher and coach), I have narrowed down what I call; “The 3’Ds of Failure”. The three main factors that causes people to fail at work and in life: 1. Distraction – the process of being side-lined, minoring on the major and majoring on […]

Are we OBSESSED with titles?

Someone I have known for some years and recently started attending my fellowship, was VERY surprised to find out that I am an ordained pastor… she was even more surprised to find out that not only have I been a pastor for several years but that I have pioneered and led 2 churches and 2 […]

The Beginning of Greatness!

I am SO excited… I dreamed of doing it for many years and ecstatic to be finally doing it… stepping up to my apostolic mandate to make “Disciples of ALL nations” (Matt 28 v 18 -20). Yes, with the beginning of LIVE classes for the spring 2014 semester of my mentorship and training program, Conquerors […]


Do you realize that God has called you not to conform but to transform… your God-given role is as a transformer and leader of change! (Romans 12 v 1-2). You are God’s representative on the earth… his agent, called to bring about global change… the light in the midst of a dark and perverse generation. […]

New Year, New Beginnings!

It is often said that; “only a fool does the same thing and expect different results!” and since I am no fool i began to ask myself this question; “what new thing are you going to do in 2014 to get better results?!”. I have been musing on that question for a while and I […]