New Beginnings! My Spiritual Transition is Over – Announcing The Launching of Radical Faith Ministries.

November 17, 2014
For the last two and half years, as I transitioned in my marriage, I have also been undergoing a major spiritual transition, due to the fact that my spiritual calling was previously being fulfilled within the context of my former marriage. I have spent the last two and a half years in intense prayer, counselling, emotional therapy and soul searching. I have been seeking divine guidance for the best format/ strategy/platform to fulfill the call of God that is so evidently upon my life. I am pleased to announce that I had a major breakthrough a while back, when I heard God say to me that I was to build him a “NU” (New & Unique) Church…. A Church without walls… something out of the box and totally revolutionary!  In that encounter, God gave me the vision for the “NU” Church, confirmed my calling as a transformational apostolic leader and my mission to awaken his church from its slumber and bring his people back to the heart of worship, was also granted.  I am pleased to inform you that, that mission and mandate will be fulfilled under Radical Faith Ministries DBA ‘The Gathering Place’ and the official launching will be on Friday, December 5, 2014 at ST. James Church, 1018 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06107 at 7pm. That night, I would be sharing my story, vision and mandate. Our inaugural service (and subsequent services)  will be the Sunday, following; December 7, 2014 at Elmwood Community Center, 1106 New Britain Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06110 from 11 am to 1pm. I would be truly honored if you could join me for the launching and/or inaugural service. I look forward to seeing you there!

“Less is MORE, Quality TRUMPS Quantity” – Featured Networking Tip.

October 9, 2014

We live in a mega, super-sized world where we have been conditioned to believe that bigger is better. That BIGGER is a sign of success. So, we are constantly chasing the “BIG” – BIGGER cars, BIGGER houses, BIGGER pay checks, BIGGER deals, BIGGER clients and BIGGER members. And I must confess, I caught the “BIGGER Bug” and was part of the “BIGGER, MEGA- craze” and so, as successful and BIG as many of my events were, I was NEVER satisfied because I always wanted them to be BIGGER!!!

But as many of you know, I recently went through a major life transition that caused me to re-define who I was, my mission and my core values and I can honestly say that one of the major things I redefined was; “Success”. I have come to agree with the phrase that “less is indeed MORE”, and the belief that BIGGER isn’t always BETTER. And this is why;

During my transition, in spite of being blessed with a LARGE following, I found that only a FEW, core, associates reached out to me. This caused me to evaluate my relationships. And when I did, I also found that MOST of the opportunities that I have had professionally, in my career, as a speaker, coach and consultant, has come through referrals and opportunities proffered by a FEW contacts. As you can see, my networking tip of the month comes from real life experience, and is this; “THINK quality over quantity – quality TRUMPS quantity!”

Many people erroneously THINK of networking as some kind of popularity contest. A race to acquire MANY likes on their FB page or many connections on LINKEDIN but that is FAR from what networking is. Networking is about building strategic, trusting, lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with people of shared mind and values. That, as you know takes time, energy and commitment and the fewer there are the more time and energy you can devote to them.

So, at my next Networking event on 10/28, come with the mindset and attitude of wanting to make one or two “quality connections” rather than hand-out and collect as many business cards as possible! (By the way, that is why I intentionally keep this event SMALL).

This “Quality over QUANTITY” principle is true for vendors and sales people, too! Rather than wanting to make MEGA sales at one event, be MORE focused on making a FEW loyal customers who offer repeat business and multiple referrals.

Here’s to Smart, Savvy and Strategic Networking!

About: As the “Queen of Networking” of one Princess Bola Adelani’s, aka the Total Success Coach, mission is to equip business professionals and others with the skills to ‘Master The ART of Building Strategic Alliances’ by transforming them from ‘Reluctant Networkers’ into ‘Smart, Savvy and Strategic Networkers’ who are creating influence and affluence. Click here to schedule Princess Bola for your next event and/or hire her as your coach. Learn here to learn what the rave is about.

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STOP Sitting On A Goldmine. Turn YOUR Passion to Profit or Philanthropy & Create Influence and Affluence

September 24, 2014


I am a firm believer in the fact that entrepreneurship is the God-given path to financial freedom. I believe that the raw potential that you have in you, in the form of your gift, passion, talent, calling, and dreams, are are the “goldmine” that have been divinely deposited in you, and divinely ordained for you, to mine for profit or philanthropy and create influence and affluence in the world! (Matthew 25 v 14-30). Unfortunately, many people sit on this “goldmine”. There are many reasons why. The three major reasons that I have been able to identify are:

1. Fear! Yes, that “F” word is the the number one reason why people refuse to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of ridicule, fear of financial hardship and sometimes, even fear of success!

2. The second reason is confusion. Many people are unsure and unclear about what entrepreneurial dream/goal to pursue. This is because many individuals are multi-talented and so they experience difficulty narrowing their dominant gift, passion and calling.

3. The third reason why people sit on their talents is a lack of know-how. They lack the knowledge and strategies needed to actualize their dreams. Some of the questions plaguing wanna-be entrepreneurs are: Where do I begin? How do I package it? How do I articulate it? Who am I called to? How do I price or charge for something that comes naturally to me? Will people buy from me? How do I overcome guilt and gain the confidence to demand what I am worth? The questions are endless.

That is why the ten week, fall semester of my faith-based, group coaching program; Conquerors Academy, is designed to equip aspiring or budding entrepreneurs with the practical tips, tools and strategies to package their passion and turn it into a viable and sustainable business or philanthropic venture.

Yes, you are only ten weeks away from living the abundant life that is your birthright. Ten weeks away from financial freedom and a lifestyle that fully aligns with your calling and values and brings you great joy and fulfillment!

In this hands on, program;
• You will clarify your dominate gift through my “DEEP” TEST.
• Learn the best business format for your dream
• Learn how to package, brand and market your dream
• Identify your niche and how to sell to them
• Conquer your fears, negative mindset and relationship with money
• Courageously launch/release your creative gift to the world
• Begin the process of generating the income/affluence and influence that you desire

STOP living from pay check to pay check and don’t wait until you are fired or retire to begin the process of creating the prosperous and abundant life that is yours. Take control of your future, today, and begin your journey to financial freedom. Enroll, NOW, for this revolutionary program and learn how to do it from someone who is doing it and succeeding at it.

Enroll NOW, by clicking on the enroll tab under the “Spiritual’ menu and under “Conquerors Academy” sub-menu of my webpage. Don’t delay your journey to financial freedom. Enrollment closes on Friday, September 30, 2014.

The 3’Ds of Failure!

September 2, 2014

In my nearly two decades career in the people business, (as a preacher and coach), I have narrowed down what I call; “The 3’Ds of Failure”. The three main factors that causes people to fail at work and in life:

1. Distraction – the process of being side-lined, minoring on the major and majoring on the minor, the inability to stay the course and focus on one’s primary mission and vision.

2. Delusion – an over-estimation of your talents and abilities which causes refusal to ask or seek for help or follow the advice of experts. Doing the same things but expecting different results. The “I know it ALL syndrome”.

3. Discouragement/Doubt – emotional, mental and spiritual fatigue stemming from working hard and not seeing the results. A lack of a positive network of like-minded people and a motivational coach who is speaking into your life and who believes in you.

I have the anti-dote for these Diseases. Contact me for to request an application for my private and group coaching programs. Deadline for application is 9/15/14. Fall semester kick-off, 9/25/14. #PowerForward #Coaching4BIGimpact #ConquerorsAcademy

Hold On to YOUR Dream – Encouragement From My European Vacation!

August 25, 2014

We, (my two sons and I), just returned from, what I can best describe, as an adventure of a lifetime! We spent two and a half weeks in the UK and in France… it was phenomenal! We visited most of London’s main attractions; Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Harrods, we even did a tour of my alma matter, The University of Buckingham, dined at Olley’s, London’s best Fish and Chips joint… :). In Paris, we climbed the magnificent Eiffel tower, toured the Louvre Museum and saw the original Mona Lisa and did a cruise along Siene River. The icing on the cake for me was the opportunity I had to speak to some of London’s movers and shakers at “An Evening of Inspired Success” on August 8.


This European vacation was a dream come true for me… it was a dream I had since my youngest son was born fourteen years ago… I wanted my sons to experience the continent where I spent part of my childhood and have similar kind of exposure …


As, I reflect over our vacation, I have come to the conclusion that God is faithful and dreams do come true and I wanted to write this quick note to encourage you to “hold on to your dream!”. Delay does not mean denial and all things always work together for good. With hindsight, I am glad that my dream didn’t come to pass earlier because my boys would not have been old enough to appreciate it and the trip might not have been as enjoyable for me because it would have been more work for me to take care of younger children. What that teaches us is that sometimes what appears to be a delay may actually be a blessing in disguise. Timing is everything!


Allow me to share a few tips and strategies with you on the things you can do while waiting for your dream to come to pass


1. Take little steps towards your dream. For me, it was getting new passports for the boys about two years ago. Their old passports had expired.


2.  Start saving towards your dream.  Last year, I opted to receive a donation from a UK based ministry partner in pounds sterling rather than dollars because I had my dream vacation in mind


3. Cost your dream and have a financial plan; I costed my dream at the beginning of the year to get a sense of the financial involvement; airfare, hotel, transportation, etc. (In this case, at the time of the year and for three people, over ten thousand dollars.)


4. Start building and/or rekindling relationships that would support your dream. I was intentional about reaching out to friends, family and acquaintances in London in anticipation of my dream. They became a very powerful resource in providing information, taking us out and generally being supportive and very hospitable.


5. Surround yourself with people who share your dream and severe ties with those who don’t and try to talk you out of it… People I call, dream killers!


In conclusion, I guess what I am saying is this; “keep your dream in front of you, don’t lose sight of it Dreams do come true!”


Don’t STOP dreaming!


July 11, 2014

I am thrilled and beyond excited to announce my trip to Europe (London, Milan and France), next month. I am excited that my two sons will be accompanying me on this glorious adventure and even more excited about the opportunity of sharing my gift of motivation and empowerment, while on the road!

It gives me great pleasure to invite YOU (or someone YOU know) to join me at “An Evening of Inspired Success”, on Friday, August 8, 2014 at 6pm, to “Awaken YOUR Destiny and Activate YOUR BIG Dreams!”

This revolutionary and life-changing event will be held at the luxurious Holiday Inn in Westfield Mall, Stratford, England. As some of you may know, Westfield Mall is one of London’s prime attractions… You would love the ambience of the location of this exclusive event!

The event host and I are intentional about creating an intimate evening of networking and empowerment, so we have limited space and attendance to the event. I invite you to register NOW to secure your seat at this top-notch gathering of London’s movers, shakers and influencers! Dress code is semi-formal.

Please reference the flyer below for more information and to share with friends, family and colleagues. Join the event on Facebook to receive updates and reminders about the event.

You can also follow me on Facebook for updates regarding my trip and to view photos, videos, etc.  Hashtag is #PBARoyalTour2014. I’ll also be sharing my experience via my blog.

I am looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones.  I can’t wait to see YOU there!!!

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