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It’s been quite a while hasn’t it since you received Royal Proclamations #propheticwatch blog where we review our world in prophecy.

Life gets busy, and as some of you know, writing is not one of Princess Bola’s forte which means she has, unfortunately, been slacking in blogging.

So, actually, this is our first blog of 2019, thanks to the 28 Day ALONE with Jesus fast! (The fast which involves fasting social media means that writing is the only way she can get this vital prophetic alert to you!)


For the last couple of weeks, Princess Bola kept hearing the words; “3 days of terror” in her spirit. And if you remember, she had said in her Purge videos that a lot of the purge would happen in 3’s. 

As she mused and sought the face of the Lord, the Lord laid it on her heart that; 2/22, 2/23 and 2/24 AND 3/22, 3/23 and 3/24 were going to be “3 Days of Terror”.

That means that those days will be characterized by a series of mutiny, anarchy, lawlessness, riots, deaths, bloodshed and natural disasters. They will occur one after the other.

The Lord reminded Princess Bola that February (actually this season) is the month of Double Swords and Double Doors. The swords are going to manifest BIG time on those three dates.

This is both a personal and global word and unfortunately, we will see this prophetic anarchy and purging playing out across the nations of the world.

On a personal level, it means MANY generational household enemies; Jezebels and Pharaohs will be plagued and die… bad news for all “troublers of Israel”. Good news for MANY of God’s children who have been oppressed and depressed by these wicked entities.

Please refer to her Purge videos,and February prophetic word for more details.


As Princess Bola always says; “God reveals to redeem”. He brings us prophetic warnings not to scare us but to warn us!

If we pray and heed the instructions, we can avert prophecies.

On that note, you are encouraged, especially if you are not a part of the 28 Day ALONE with Jesus fast, to observe some kind of fast on those days, plead the Blood of Jesus and Break Bread (Holy Communion) with members of your household, particularly your children and grand-children. (Princess Bola has been sensing some kind of major attack on our children. Pray for them and keep them covered in the Blood of Jesus please.)


The 28th Day of February will usher in a MAJOR financial shift and new beginning as God unveils new financial pathways.


We can see the Princess Bola’s prophetic word playing out as we review the first two weeks of February. Below are some of the highlights:
• It has been raining nonstop in California with drownings and mudslides.
• False prophets continue to be exposed as “Prophet” Bushiri in South Africa is arrested yet again, a Cardinal is unrobed for the first time in history and massive exposure of sexual abuse of some Southern Baptist pastors.
• We saw two famous celebrities pass away,
• The Venezuelan government crisis continues,
• Riots on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria as elections are postponed

On a personal basis, we are received testimonials of new jobs, new homes, engagements, promotions, etc. Indeed the Double Double has been activated and unleashed.

For those still trusting God for manifestation, stay encouraged. You’re next in line for a miracle!


MANY thanks and shout out to ALL the “Gehazis”, “Sons of the Prophets” and “Prophetic Investigators” who are so faithful in sharing with us how our prophetic words are playing out in the culture. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

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See you at #theDEEPend on March 3rd, God willing. Stay safe.

Life M.B.A.® Mentorship Series – Commemorating 28 Years in Ministry.

May 19, 2018 will mark 28 years since I answered the call to ministry.

My journey began on that date in 1990 after a very dramatic encounter with Jesus at a Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship at Airport Hotel in Lagos and stern words of admonition by the late Dr. Ike Ibeneme. God use Dr. Ibeneme to bring me to a decision to stop playing church and follow Jesus all the way.

A passion for prayer, the word and souls was ignited in me as I began serious study of the word of God as well as preaching on the streets of Lagos. It was also that year that I enrolled for lay leadership workers training in my then Church and became a Believers Class teacher and a leader in the Church’s Welcome Ministry. I rose through the ranks of lay leadership, was ordained in 1996 and given our first pastorate.

Reflecting over the past 28 years in ministry, half of which has also been spent in the marketplace as a social entrepreneur, I realize that I have acquired a wealth of real life experience as far ministry and marketplace is concerned especially as a single/divorced, black woman in a culture that I did not grow up in! I also realized that it was time for me to start sharing my story and for people to get to know the REAL me.

On that note, I am happy to announce the launch of a mentorship series titled; ‘Life M.B.A.’® (Much Better Alternative), where I am will be “unmasking” and sharing life lessons from my mistakes, failures and successes so that you can learn from them and hopefully avoid some of my mistakes.

This mentorship program will be launched to commemorate my 28th ministry anniversary, via a 28 day program, from May 1 -28, 2018, and will feature:

• DAILY prayer and thanksgiving at 10pm EST.
• WEEKLY Masterclass, at #the DEEPend, on Sunday, May 6, 13, 20 & 27 at 4.00pm EST
Part 1: In The Beginning
Part 2: Journey in Search of Truth
Part 3: The Making of A Prophet – In the Wilderness
Part 4: The Commissioning – Prophet to the Nations
• Pot luck and Prayer Gathering on May 28, 2018, 2pm at St. James Church, W/Hartford, CT.

Please RSVP for this FREE event via Eventbrite so that we can make adequate provision for all participants.

During the Masterclass, you will have opportunity to ask me questions about life, relationships, marriage, divorce, ministry, marketplace, etc. – everything involved in the ‘Making of a Prophet to the Nations and A Global Apostolic Leader’. You can also email your questions to me ahead of time.

I will also appreciate if you can email your testimonies of the ways in which my ministry has blessed you. It will give me tremendous joy and encouragement to hear from you.

Get ready to see Princess Bola unmasked, uncensored and unbridled… I am excited at this opportunity to glorify Jesus.

The whole of creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. It’s time for us to answer their cry.

Thank you for sharing this journey, and celebrating this milestone, with me!

“Overturn, Overturn, Overturn; The Showdown Before Showtime” – A Prophetic Word.

Princess Bola is back at #theDEEPend, breaking down Ezekiel 21: 27 – the prophetic word that she received while praying for Kenya/Africa, last year.

Today, she goes deeper and shares the full implication, application and ramifications of this powerful word and how it speaks to what God is doing on a global and personal level. She also shares the four critical steps to manifest this word in your life.

Watch it below to be informed, inspired and prophetically aligned with what God is doing.

Live broadcasts are on Sundays at 4pm EST via Royal Proclamations Facebook and Periscope pages.

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Get Positioned for The Open Door.

In my latest video (Prophetic Word for February), I said that February is the Month of The Open Door. That is why the two special events below have been scheduled for February:

  • #RISEAfricaWarriors (RAW) 21 Day Prayer and Fasting Teleconference.

~ AND~

  • Destiny M.O.V.E.S. my Coaching Boot Camp.



I invite you to register NOW for these two dynamic and revolutionary prayer, empowerment and prophetic activation programs designed to equip and position you for The Open Door.

1 Cor 16: 9 says there are MANY enemies at the open door:

“For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries”.

Prayer, fasting and getting prophetically activated and positioned is the key to “binding the strong man at the gate and spoiling his goods!” (Mark 3: 27).

Register NOW for EITHER or BOTH programs and get positioned and equipped so “that no man take your crown” (Rev. 3: 11).

ONLY registered participants will receive the link to access the programs.

YOUR Partner in Total Success,

Princess Bola Adelani

February – The Month of The Open Door.

God spoke to me a couple of days ago that February is the month of ‘The Open Door’. This explained the reason for my heightened sense of joy and expectancy. As usual, he confirmed this word with a VERY powerful scripture (Revelation 3: 7-11).

At today’s gathering at #theDEEPend, I break it down line upon line, precept upon precept, to get you prepared and positioned for this game changing month.

Watch the video NOW for the prophetic word for February.

Live Broadcasts are on Sundays at 4pm EST via Facebook and Periscope.

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Your Partner in Total Success,

Princess Bola Adelani.

Happy New Year to a Survivor!


You made it. You SURVIVED 2017 and crossed over into 2018 – The Year of The Supernatural.

That makes you a SURVIVOR, an Overcomer, more than a Conqueror…

It also means that you do not need to fret or be anxious about the challenges that this year may bring. Know for sure that if you made it through last year and the one before, you have what it takes to not only SURVIVE this year but to THRIVE.

Remember, You, God and I, make a formidable team. So, do not hesitate to contact Royal Proclamations regarding personal and professional training and coaching for you and/or your team.

Here is wishing; “Happy New Year to a SURVIVOR!”

Your Partner in Total Success,
Princess Bola Adelani.
Royal Proclamations Founder/CEO