Coaching Programs

Far too often, limiting beliefs and life issues present as blind spots and obstacles that interfere with performance and prevent individuals from reaching their potential. Princess Bola combines over a decade experience as a corporate attorney with real life experience acquired as an award-winning serial entrepreneur to equip her clients with the tools and strategies to help them maximize their potential and become TOTALLY successful in business and in life.


Have you ever asked yourself these questions:
• Who am I
• What am I here to do?
• What is my purpose/life’s mission?
• How can I actualize my goals, calling and dreams?
• What is holding me back from being the great dynamic and impactful individual I have the potential of being?

In five powerful steps, via her powerful and revolutionary ‘DEEP’ Test, Princess Bola would help you dig “DEEP” (Design, Experience, Expertise and Passion™) to ‘Discover YOU!’. You will discover your unique value, clarify your dominant passion/talent, uncover your fears, limiting beliefs and the blind spots that cause you to self –sabotage and procrastinate. This will eliminate confusion and the time wasters that are holding you back from fully manifesting your greatness. You will be positioned to align your work with life’s purpose/passion to create the fulfilling, powerful and impactful life of your dreams


So you have a BIG goal, dream, and vision? One that you are petrified to share with others? It’s so BIG that it has the capacity to literally transform the world and thrust you to another level of greatness… BUT you are struggling with ‘Ho to bring it to Life?’ The question is; How do you get unstuck and “power -forward to your next level?”

Via this high-power, high-level, 5-step coaching program, America’s Dream Midwife, Princess Bola Adelani, will take you from conceptualization to delivery of your dream. You will
1. Clarify your vision, passion, goal/dream.
2. Uncover limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.
3. Articulate and package your dream into measurable, scalable and tangible high end product/program/goal.
4. Identify your niche and your target audience -who it is for.
5. Master how to brand, monetize and market it to your target audience.


‘Reach MORE, Sell MORE and Make MORE’. Via “Money-Power”™ Intensive, you will receive step by step coaching to:
· Clarify and brand your mission, vision, unique value and niche.
· Master the art of persuasive presentations and sales pitches to negotiate for, and close more, deals.
· Marketing strategies to design, brand and market profitable high-end packages and programs your clients, and/or a prospective employer will love and joyfully invest in.
· Master the inner game of abundance, transform your money story, let go of the illusions of fear and scarcity, charge your value and stop discounting your worth.
· Work smarter and not harder.
· Exponentially grow your income.

Princess Bola’s coaching programs are ultimately designed to help her clients, ‘POWER-FORWARD’ to their next level of success. Clients get unstuck, gain confidence and “POWER-FORWARD” to their BIG goals and dreams through her dynamic and transformative coaching programs. Princess Bola works with high-level, high-energy and high-investing career professionals, business owners, corporate executives and social entrepreneurs by providing with them with the M.A.P (Motivation, Accountability and strategic Plan) to propel them to their next level of success.

Princess Bola is an internationally recognized leader and a proven expert in Branding, Marketing and Start-ups. Her ultimate goal is to transform her clients into sought-after industry leaders and experts and help them create credible, recognizable and powerful personal brands that commands the income that aligns with their true value and worth!”  It is about enhancing their profit-ability factor and equipping them with the strategies to create influence and affluence!

Her private coaching and mastermind programs begin with an individual ‘VIP (Very Intensive and Personalized) Strategy Session’ to

    • Effectively assess the clients current level of success.
    • Uncover the blind spots and limiting beliefs.
    • Brand mission, vision, value, compelling message and niche.
    • Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-bound) goals.
    • Create a concrete, actionable, strategic plan, with measurable steps, to take you where you really want to be.

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