‘Walk in Your Destiny, Maximize Your Impact!’

‘Center for Achievement, Leadership & Legacy Development’
‘Transforming Believers into World Changers and History Makers!’


I believe that everything rises and falls on leadership. I also believe that everyone walking this planet is born with innate, God-given leadership skills and abilities and that with the right kind of training and mentorship “ordinary” people can be transformed into extra –ordinary leaders who inspire and create change.

If the Church is ever going to see meaningful change in the world, we must begin to intentionally and strategically train and mentor God’s people to transform them from their despair and false sense of identity into people who know, love and embrace their true self so that they can step fully into their roles as agents of change and fulfill their God-given destinies. It is all about a shift… a mind-set shift … a redefinition of who we are and what we are called to do!

Am on a God-given mission to bring about the global awakening of champions, to awaken the Church to a new depth of understanding of her destiny and call and to commission and mobilize her to take her place and fulfill her divine mandate as “salt” and “light”.  My goal is to raise up a new generation of leaders who are secure in their identity, fearless, radical, innovative, God-fearing and committed to answering their call as leaders of change.

That is why I created Conquerors Academy to equip you with the tools to be who God called you to be and maximize you impact as you walk in it… It’s time for you to “walk in your destiny and maximize your impact!”.   

Get ready to; “Elevate your thinking, Enhance your performance, Expand your influence and Excel in your results!

Enroll, NOW and begin YOUR journey to greatness.

Princess Bola Adelani, Total Success Coach
Royal Proclamations & Conquerors Academy Founder/CEO
April 2014