Royal Proclamations Faith Topics

Having experienced her own powerful spiritual journey, Princess Bola has channeled her unique personal energy into a series of faith-based seminars. She preaches and teaches on a variety of topics. Her preaching is in the demonstration of the spirit and power of God. Signs, wonders, miracles and testimonies follow!

Faith Topics for Singles & Young Adults

Single, Complete & Satisfied
Your Dream is not Dead: Biblical Principles For Your Marital Dream (from Ruth)
Match Made in Heaven: Five Principles for Finding Your Perfect Mate
No Love Life? Finding Fulfillment in the Greatest Love of All
Wilt Thou Be Made Whole? Experiencing God’s Healing Power & Recovering from Broken Relationships.

Faith Topics for Women

Woman, God’s Masterpiece, Arise and Shine: Understanding the Power Influence & Uniqueness of the Woman God a Feminist? Jesus, Women & the Bible
Spiritual S.P.A. Exercising Spiritual Power & Authority
S.P.A for Your Soul: The Power of Solace, Prayer & Appreciation
What Is in Your D.N.A. ? (Divine Nature & Ability)
The Cinderella Story: A Real Bible Story of Grass to Grace (from Esther)

Faith Teaching Series for Women

D.I.G. Deeper into God: Five Principles for Developing Intimacy with God
Total Woman: Ten Workshops for Transformation into a Whole, Complete & Satisfied Woman Remarkable Women: A Faith-Infusing Journey with Twelve Remarkable Women of the Bible

Faith Topics for Working Professionals

Know to Thrive: Six Principles for Christians to Thrive in the Workplace
The Financial Wizardry of the Queen of Sheba

All topics and courses under Motivational Speaking and Corporate Training can be tailored to meet the needs of a faith- based audience.