Money P.O.W.E.R.

Unlock Your PASSION

“There is more to making money than meets the eye!” – Princess Bola Adelani

MONEY-POWER™ INTENSIVE (MPI) MoneyPower-Gold Revised

MPI aka Money Hasn’t Left the Planet is Royal Proclamations accelerated, game changing, five step wealth mastery program to equip participants to master the ‘5’M’s of Money-POWER’ to DRAMATICALLY improve their relationship with money and EXPONENTIALLY grow their income.

Financial success is not only a function of hard work and sound financial planning. Several hidden intangible factors greatly impact financial success and through this premium coaching program, and under the expertise of a masterful coach, participants gain mastery over the core hidden principles of financial success to enhance their profitability factor, unleash their money power, build generational wealth and secure their financial legacy.


Money-POWER™ Intensive is an entrepreneurial training course that exposes the hidden factors that impact people’s relationship with money and equips them to master the principles proven to attract and increase sales and build financial well being.

This flagship Royal Proclamations program, birth out of the Total Success Coach personal experience during the economic crash of 2008, presents a great opportunity for startups to acquire the core strategies and competency to design, monetize and launch viable and sustainable high-end brands/ enterprises.

It is also ideally suited for existing enterprises who want to reach new markets with cutting edge products and master innovative branding and marketing techniques to increase their sales and grow their revenue.


Participants will gain;

• CLARITY over their mission, vision, unique value and compelling message.

• CONFIDENCE as they unleash their brilliance and elevate their credibility, results and leadership.

• MASTER the art of persuasive presentations and pitches to close more deals.

• STRATEGIES to design attractive products prospects will joyfully invest in.

• ENHANCE their profitability factor and master the inner game of abundance.

• TRANSFORM their relationship with money as they let go of the illusions of fear and scarcity.

• CHARGE their value and stop discounting their worth.

• CREATE a business model with systems to work smarter and not harder.

• UNCOVER the blocks and limiting beliefs that cause self-sabotage.

• AVOID costly mistakes as they receive a customized proven plan to grow their influence, impact and income.

Ultimately participants will be equipped with the techniques and strategies to enhance their profit-ability factor, expand their reach and position themselves for greater financial results as they master their mindset, conquer limiting beliefs, stop self- sabotage and confidently negotiate their worth. They will also learn how to design, brand and market high-end products to attract more economic opportunities and grow their bottom-line.

Build on Your EXPERIENCE

Enroll NOW in this revolutionary and life-changing program, build on your experience and catapult your business to new heights.

Participants receive a total of five ninety minute review, brainstorming, masterminding and step by step coaching sessions in a private virtual setting. Each session is accompanied with a high-caliber systematic easy to follow module with hands-on application, exercises and action steps designed to help participants gain mastery and clarity over their; mindset, mission, municipality, message and metrics.


Contact Princess Bola, NOW, to secure your spot! Call: +1-860-967-1094 or email: Your investment will yield measurable and monumental results.


• Increases sales.

• Reduces money worries.

• Better utilize existing finance resources.

• Attract the right economic opportunities.

• Build the right connections and products for financial success.