Motivational & Keynote Speaking

Royal Proclamations motivational speeches cover a variety of topics and are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. They are delivered as 30-90 minute presentations. Topics include:

Business Topics

~Marketing the Brand Called “YOU”
~ Unleash the Profit in You: Turn Your Passion to Profit.
~ Network Your Way to Total Success: How to NET-work and Build PROFIT-able Relationships.
~ How Diversified is Your People Portfolio? The Power of Diversity and How to Build Diverse Networks.
~ Go Lean with Time: Manage Your Time, Manage Your Life!
~ Money Hasn’t Left The Planet, What You Need is “Money-POWER!”
~ T.A.L.K. Your Way to Success: Mastering the Art of Powerful Presentations & Pitches.
~ T.H.I.N.K. Global: 5 Strategies to Becoming A Global Person of Influence.

Work-Life Balance Topics

~ Is Balance A Myth or Reality?
~ Managing Your Most Valuable Asset: “YOU!”
~ Manage Your Time, Balance Your Life.

Motivational Topics

~ Activate Your BIG Dream!
~ Is Your Net-Working?
~ Live in YOUR Passion, Live in YOUR Power.
~ Create Your Extraordinary Life.
~ Real Money Talk: Negative Money Mindsets and How to Overcome Them.
~ Up-level & Upgrade: 3 Essential Strategies to Step Up Your Game
~ The Mindset of TOTAL Success – 3 Characteristics of TOTALLY Successful People.

Life Topics

~ Your Age is Just a Number: Overcoming the Age Complex.
~ Your Gender is Not An Issue: Overcoming the Female Complex.
~ It’s Not Over Until It’s Over: Finding Purpose After Retirement.
~ C.A.N- Do: Life’s Winning Attitude.
~ Confront & Conquer The Four -Letter Giant Called: FEAR!
~ Pursue Your Passion, Live Your Dream.
~ Turn Your Pain to Gain and Passion to Profit.
~ Living a Life of ‘POWER’, Passion and Purpose’.

Leadership Topics

~ C.A.R.E. For Your People
~ C.I.A. Leadership
~ R.E.A.L. Leadership
~Unleash The Leader in YOU!’- Master The Four Traits of Effective Leaders and Build A Loyal and Dedicated Team!

The POWER Topics

~ POWER of Connections.
~ POWER of Giving.
~ POWER of Gratitude
~ POWER of The Mind.
~ POWER of Believe.
~ POWER For The Next Level.
~ POWER For Your Dream.
~ POWER to Finish Strong.

The ‘You’ Topics

Celebrate YOU.
Discover YOU.
Unleash the Power in YOU.