Princess Bola’s Spiritual Journey

faith3Princess Bola’s spiritual journey began at eighteen with the sudden death of her mother. Immediately following her salvation in 1988 and a dramatic encounter on May 19, 1990, she actively pursued a deep understanding of life and truth through personal and church-led Bible study. Her passion to discover and apply spiritual principles to everyday life took Bola on a journey through the various ranks of lay leadership, culminating in her ordination and first pastorate in 1996.

A flaming evangelist and serial pioneer, Princess Bola, is the founder and co-founder of several churches and para-church ministries in the New England area. Her first non-profit organization, Watered Garden Ministries, was founded in 2004, to empower women through a variety of community based mentoring, educational and benevolence programs. Watered Garden Ministries programs included visits to women in shelters and a clothing boutique that provided clothing and other support to women and families in need. Within two years, this program led to the founding of two divisions and reached more than 1,500 women.

A dynamic preacher, powerful prayer warrior and a gifted bible teacher, Princess Bola speaks across cultural and denominational lines. She focuses on “our agreements and not our disagreements.” Thus, she is in demand throughout the Christian Church. Catholic, Congregational, Baptist, Methodist, Evangelical and other Churches have sought her presentations and expressed their gratitude for her message. She preaches and teaches on all business and life issues and has informed and motivated audiences at retreats, conferences, churches, crusades and special events around the world.

She is on a God-given mission is to help believers discover their identity in Christ, grow in their relationship with Him and be empowered to fulfill their divine calling and destiny as transformers and leaders of change. She has a huge passion to speak into the life of singles, young adults, women and working professionals.

Princess Bola is currently lead pastor and apostle at “The Gathering Place” a powerful and prophetic revolutionary virtual Church movement and hosts the global ‘Call to Destiny’ summit, a ministry and marketplace impact maximization seminar for business and spiritual leaders.

She is a graduate of Hartford Seminary’s Women’s Leadership Program in Applied Spirituality.
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