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Princess Bola Adelani

Princess Bola is a honors graduate with a law degree from England’s University of Buckingham. After a ten year career in corporate law, Princess Bola chose to put aside her legal career to pursue her passion: Motivating people to gain the knowledge, power, and skills to pursue their passions, live their dreams and realize their fullest potential. As a result, she founded Royal Proclamations a corporate training, coaching, speaking and consulting practice which inspires thousands of men and women to greater personal and business fulfillment. Under Royal Proclamations, the self-styled “Dream-midwife’, ‘Spiritual Money Coach’ and ‘Queen of Networking”, Princess Bola a/k/a Total Success Coach has developed several unique and revolutionary training programs to equip people to master the four pillars of total success; money, mind, people and spirit.

Featured Events

Featured Programs

Call to Destiny Summit

Call to Destiny’ Summit is a high-caliber, world-class, catalytic impact maximization one-day seminar, produced by Royal Proclamations, to provide Believers with the tools and connect them with the resources to live out their call.

The Wake-Up Call

#TheWakeUpCall are themed, prophetic, prayer and fasting teleconferences to equip Believers to “Awake! Arise! And Conquer!” through the power of prayer.

Money P.O.W.E.R.

Money-POWER™ Intensive is an entrepreneurial training course that exposes the hidden factors that impact people’s relationship with money and equips them to master the principles proven to attract and increase sales and build financial well being.

Coaching Programs

So you have a BIG goal, dream, and vision? One that you are petrified to share with others… It’s so BIG that it has the capacity to literally transform the world and thrust you to another level of greatness… BUT you are struggling with ‘HOW to bring it to LIFE?

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