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Featured speakers and presenters are recognized corporate, academic, business, faith and community leaders.

Masters of Ceremonies

Ayanna Crawford
Ayanna C .Crawford is an Educational Consultant, Motivational Speaker for Nonprofits, and Colleges in the Pioneer Valley, and the proud mother of two children with one a freshmen in college. She is the Owner/ President of AC consulting Services. She is also the host of the Ayanna Crawford Show in Excellence aired on “Focus –TV”, Springfield, Western Mass.

She has been a guest lecturer at Smith College on “Best Practices for literacy development in Urban Schools” in the education department at Smith College. She is a graduate of Westfield State University with a BA and Springfield College with an M.Ed and a former member of the AmeriCorps program, which is a service program that places students in urban schools to help with closing the achievement gap.

Ayanna serves on the board of directors for the ‘American Red Cross’ and ‘Total Women Conference’, Inc. as well as the ‘Movement Project’ which is a dance program to help children with health and nutrition.

Her motto: Is to be the change you want to see in the world- Ghandi

Logan West, Miss Teen USA 2012

Hi, my name is Logan West, and I am Miss Teen USA 2012.

When I was in the 7th grade, I was bullied by a classmate for “not acting my skin color”. For six months I was tortured by a girl only a few months older than I was. She constantly picked on me for the way I spoke, the way I dressed, everything about me. I didn’t know why she didn’t like me or what I could do to stop her.

I tried ignoring her…but that didn’t work. The names she called me really hurt – and it was getting to me every day – even though I tried not to show it.  Sometimes, I would even smile or laugh along….but I sure wasn’t laughing on the inside. I started losing my ‘friends’ and and eventually myself.

At first I didn’t want to tell my mother what was happening because I thought the whole thing would just blow over and I didn’t want to look like a snitch. One day I couldn’t keep it inside anymore and came home crying to tell my mom. She spoke to my school counselor that night. I wish I could tell you that was the end of it…but it didn’t end there.

A few weeks later things got WAY out of hand. During our lunch period my bully threw food from her table to mine. For a half an hour I sat with my friends and got chewed up carrot, pieces of rice, and chunks of quesadilla in my lap, hair, and on my own lunch tray. I was embarrassed and really angry. So as I walked to the trash can I threw a handful of rice at her….you can imagine the rest from there. BOTH of us got suspended.

So what did I learn? (1) Staying silent doesn’t help, (2) Get help when you need it, (3) and there are good ways and not so good ways of handling yourself and confronting the bully.

This experience helped me start Unite Against Bullies Today (formerly known as BullyProof) so that every kid has the tools to make a difference.

Being Miss Teen USA has allowed me to be placed amongst today’s youth. Bullying is a serious epidemic that I want students to understand that WE have control over. This title has given me the opportunity to take UAB nation wide, and I couldn’t be more thankful. For as glamorous as this job is, I really am just a normal teenage girl, on a mission to make a difference.

Keynote Speaker

Topic: Understanding & Actualizing The Mandate

Princess Bola Adelani
Princess Bola is an honors graduate with a law degree from England’s University of Buckingham. After a 10 year career in corporate law, Princess Bola chose to put aside her legal career to pursue her passion: Motivating people to gain the knowledge, power, and skills to pursue their passions, live their dreams, and realize their fullest potential. As a result, she foundedRoyal Proclamationsa corporate training, coaching, speaking and consulting practice, which inspires thousands of men and women to greater personal and business fulfillment.Under Royal Proclamations,the self-styled “Dream-midwife, Spiritual Money Coach and Queen of Networking”, Princess Bola a/k/a Total Success Coach developed several unique and revolutionary training programs that teach people the ancient business and life principles which leads to success in institutions and corporations around the world. Dream Delivery™ brings personal and business dreams to life. InMoney P.O.W.E.R.™ participants apply spiritual principles proven to attract and increase financial well-being. Employees increase their job performance and results via a simple, memorable formula in Workplace Excellence™. Leadership Excellence™ teaches the four principles of effective management and how to build a successful management network in any organization. Time Mastery™ teaches employees how to productively master time, the currency of life. ThroughCustomer Service Excellence™ employees discover how to treat customers in ways that virtually guarantee repeat business.A dynamic, bold and engaging speaker, Princess Bola, in an unconventional style blending humor with wit, speaks in a variety of settings to diverse audiences in corporate, business, community and spiritual settings. She currently mentors several individuals on their business and life issues and assists countless others in launching their dreams and realizing their potential, and is a sought after speaker and consultant on topics including Leadership, Diversity, Workplace Excellence, Financial Success, Dream Realization, Communication, Marketing, Networking and Relationship Building.

People often ask Bola if she is a real Princess. Indeed, she is an authentic and true princess. Her paternal grandfather was crown-prince of Owu-Ikija, Ijebu tribe, in Nigeria’s south western state of Ogun. More importantly to her is the royal heritage she shares with millions of others as a daughter of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Moderator: Lori Stancil
Lori Ann Stancil, Founder and Director of Practical Living Ministries (PLM), is a bible teacher, motivational speaker, life coach and writer.  With almost 20 years of ministerial and leadership training, Lori has become a powerful minister of the Word of God, and a prophetic voice to the Body of Christ. Lori is uniquely gifted and anointed to share spiritual truths with a down-to-earth style that reaches people right where they are. She will often share stories of her life; as a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend to illustrate how God uses practical ways to communicate His will. She is highly skilled in presenting simple, yet profound and powerful truths and principles; which when applied will produce life-changing results.

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree from American International College, she entered into the Higher Education field in the area of student services.  With a strong background in multiculturalism and international education, and having been trained in Latin American and Chinese custom, language and tradition, she has been able to provide guidance to students studying abroad in the US.  Lori believes that the Lord has given her the nations, and she takes her role in reaching the nations very seriously.  She is a woman on assignment, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership at Quinnipiac University.

In 2000, by the grace of God and at the leading of the Holy Spirit Lori began PLM, a ministry-work dedicated to the strengthening and maturing of Christian women. PLM’s main objective is to share truth and information with a Christ-centered perspective so that women may live balanced, fruitful, successful and victorious lives. Lori believes that a person’s destiny is determined in the mind and heart of the Father before the beginning of time, and then that person is formed (the womb) with that destiny in mind.  This eternal destiny started with the Father, is revealed by Christ and then manifests through obedience to the Holy Spirit. And, as we live the life which the Master Architect designed for us to live, we will experience and live the good life He predestined us to have.


Topic: Turn Your Talent to Profit or Philanthropy

Speakers: Phyllis W. Haynes, Randy Wilburn & Darlene Mcghee

Randy Wilburn

In addition to leadership with the New Dimension Church in Providence, Rhode Island, Pastor Randy is also an author, speaker, trainer, and business owner, and one of the nation’s leading experts on a variety of real estate related topics including foreclosure intervention and loss mitigation. As the owner of Randy Wilburn & Company Realtors, Inc. and The Wilburn Group, LLC, and founder of Harvest Housing Homebuyer Education Center in Boston, MA, he has developed a uniquely deep understanding of short sales, REOs, and foreclosure intervention and mediation that has enabled him to develop highly effective education programs for both real estate industry professionals and consumers.

Currently, Pastor Randy consults for a number of organizations including NeighborWorks America, a national nonprofit organization created by the U.S. Congress, teaching non-profit housing counselors how to better serve the needs of homeowners facing financial difficulties. As a consultant, he has developed curriculum for a week-long loss mitigation class, a two-day sales and negotiation class, and an REO class for housing counselors that has been successfully taught nationwide.

Pastor Randy has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, Business Week, and the Blog of Timothy Ferriss, Author of the NY Times Best Seller, 4 Hour Work Week, in addition to being a former spokesperson for

Outside of the real estate industry, Pastor Randy also inspires others with his motivational speeches that focus on encouragement and helping others, especially young people and entrepreneurs. He is a certified Business Coach and a certified Teacher in Biblical Entrepreneurship through the Nehemiah Project International Ministries.  He is a graduate of Howard University and resides with his wife, Nicola and their three boys, in Rhode Island.

Phyllis W. Haynes

Founder and president of Southern Relishes, LLC.  Ms. Haynes formed her company ten years ago with a family recipe for chow chow. First as a home-based business where she catered to friends and family until the product went commercial in 2007. Becoming an  accidental entrepreneur was led by the popularity of her product, Mariah’s Chow Chow Relishes.

Today, Mariah’s relishes are sold at local farmer markets, mid-size grocery chains, specialty food retailers, as well as, an on-line shopping cart (

Using her experience from banking, non-profits and education she takes her job as a business owner in the food industry seriously. She advocates for resources, funding and availability of commercial kitchens in order to provide a gateway for others to follow their passions.

She has presented speeches, workshops, and seminars blending her passion, high-energy, and humor to motivate her audiences. Phyllis has received several awards and recognitions. In 2011 she was honored by the School of Business Hall of Honor at SCSU for Entrepreneurship Excellence. In addition, was chosen to represent women of achievement as a “Legendary Women” in New Haven.  In 2009 Supplier of the Year by the Southern Connecticut Black Chamber of Commerce.

Phyllis is an active member of the local food associations and the national organization Specialty Food. And she contributes to her community by serving on various boards and committees.

Moderator: Anne-Marie Brungard Knight, MBA

Anne-Marie has been a consultant with the Anti-Defamation League for twelve years, and has facilitated sessions that address diversity and respect in school, college or the workplace. That familiar experience of feeling like ‘the only one’ fuels her passion to make change. From growing up in a household plagued by domestic violence, to fighting breast cancer….and from staying in a shelter to being the only female on the job site, Anne-Marie is well acquainted with adversity. It is this combined experience that blends change management, life-engineering, and working with challenged populations that has primed her to be a human potential architect!

After hosting the Transformation: Kingdom Business Conference, they began hosting monthly Kingdom Business networking breakfast sessions to provide an opportunity for Christian business owners to come together for education and edification. They share a combined calling to ‘bring people together’ to build the Kingdom.

Both Charles and Anne-Marie know that business ‘is’ ministry and seek to build a profitable business that will be the foundation for building lives through Healing Homes – a sanctuary that will foster spiritual and emotional growth for those who have been homeless. To that end, Charles and Anne-Marie have recently launched Knight Getaway Travel.

Anne-Marie resides in West Haven, CT with her husband Charles, her mother, nephew and the pet dog – Shadow. She is a mother of two and busy grand-mother of four. She enjoys baking fabulous cupcakes, traveling, reading, camping and, of course, a good cup of tea.

Topic: Practical Tips, Tools & Strategies for Profitable Money Management. 

Speakers: Chris Bamgboye & Rose Fonsenca

Chris Bamgboye

Chris Bamgboye has served as a member of Church on the Rock since moving to Connecticut, 14 years ago.  He has worked with and trained the ushers & security team and now serves on the Church Board and with the Care Group ministry in the realm of facilitating & training Group leaders.  Chris has also held both formal and informal presentations to the congregation and the youth on Finances and money management.

Chris holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture…  With which he practiced for a short time before getting involved in the Insurance business.  Of West African descent, he came to the United States via England and is currently working the American dream.

Chris’s passion lies in seeing God’s people effectively manage their resources and prosper in what they set their hand to do. This passion overflows into his present day success, running a State Farm Insurance Agency where job number one is to help his clients manage risk, recover from the unexpected and realize their dreams.  Chris also voluntarily sits down and works with individuals who have varying financial challenges and housing needs.

Among other things, Chris is:

*National Convention qualifier,

*Ambassador Travel qualifier

*Achieved National leadership award.

*Professional development award for youth/juvenile mentoring

Big believer in Community and volunteer work in and  around the Greater New Haven area and has done various seminars and presentations educating the urban and sub-urban community on insurance and financial matters.

More information about Chris at:

Rose Fonseca


Rose Fonseca is a Multicultural Markets Specialist.

Rose is a native of south Texas and a graduate from the University of Missouri- Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.  Rose has had a rich and varied career with State Farm that has spanned 30 years.

Besides working with Hispanic community organizations Rose has a long history with Special Olympics, the League of Women Voters, the Urban League of Greater Hartford and most recently served on the Board of Advisors of the American Cancer Society of the Capital District.  In 2011 she received State Farm’s Volunteer of the Year Award for the Northeast.

In addition to philanthropy, Rose uses her time as a writer and public speaker.  Her writing and speaking encompasses the multicultural arena.   In particular she enjoys motivating and coaching women, in particular, young women of color.

Moderator: Yvonne M. Mitto

Yvonne Mitto is Executive Director for Compass New England, an affiliate of Compass– finances God’s way ( Compass is a worldwide interdenominational ministry that teaches people of all ages and all economic levels how to handle money based on the principles of the Bible.

As a speaker, seminar leader and financial/leadership consultant, Yvonne partners with leaders of churches, Christian organizations, businesses, educational institutions, community organizations and the media to equip individuals in the area of financial stewardship. She is an advocate for debt-free living, and brings her passion for sharing God’s message of True Financial Freedom to her speaking engagements, seminars and consulting sessions. Her desire is to equip people with the life-transforming message of faithfully living by God’s financial principles in every area of their lives so that they may know Christ more intimately, be free to serve Him and help fund the Great Commission.

Before serving full time in the financial ministry in 2007, Yvonne had a 14-year career in the Finance, Human Resources and Communications organizations at Hartford, Conn., – based United Technologies Corp. (UTC).

Yvonne Attends Crossroads Community Cathedral in East Hartford, Conn. She is a licensed minister and a member of the church’s leadership team. She is also a member of the Windsor Human Relations Commission and a Notary Public. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management, and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Theological Studies with a focus on Leadership Effectiveness at Bethel Seminary.

Yvonne lives in Windsor, Conn., with her husband, Eaton, and they have three children. Their daughter, Francine recently graduated from Cornell University with a Master’s degree in engineering and now works in NJ; Eaton, Jr. is a senior at University of New Haven in CT pursuing an engineering degree; and Phillip is a junior at Nichols College in MA pursuing a business management degree.

Topic: Practical Tips, Tools & Strategies for Productive Time Management. 

Description: HOW VALUABLE IS YOUR TIME? Effective time management is the best kept secret of the rich, and the anchor of continued success in every business. Learn how to organize your time and space more effectively to work more productively. Strategize your schedule for success. Find out if your life is out of balance and how to get it re-aligned for authentic fulfillment. This will help de-stres and motivate you to live your most productive, balanced and joyful life! 

Speaker: Lisa Lelas

LISA LELAS is a nationally renowned productivity coach, helping businesses and entrepreneurs achieve success by prioritizing tasks, organizing time, space & goals, and implementing a clear plan of action. She is the editor of West Hartford Magazine, the organizing segment reporter for Channel 8, a bestselling author and popular newspaper/magazine columnist. Lisa has appeared on numerous talk shows, including Oprah Winfrey, Today show and more. 

Moderator: Annette Gaynor, MBA


Annette Gaynor is a Christian that believes in the power of unity; people coming together as one and moving mountains by the thousands.  Annette is a entrepreneur she currently works with businesses to strategically align current structure and services to increased bottom-line as well as she is known for her spirited investment concepts “Everyone should secure multiple source of income.”  Annette is a native of Jamaica, West Indies and earned an MBA from of University of Hartford.  She is an active member of the local community, she is a Board of Director of Connecticut Children’s’ Law; Director of Corporate Partner Relations for National Black MBA Association Greater Hartford Chapter; Fund Development Team Member for Jonathan’s Dream Reimagined Boundless Playground.

Aside from working for the community seeking development and sustainability, Annette’s passion is encouraging young people to meet their full potentials, spiritually and financially.  Annette has over 10 years of management and finance experience.  She is no stranger to handling million dollar budgets; in her last role she managed a finance and self insured risk program of $150M.

Annette is a symbol of inspiration, intelligence and commitment to the good of all.  She is supportive, honest and direct.  These are some of the words used to describe the style and approach of a professional woman that is striving to reach goals of wealth sustainability.  Annette connects with people in ways that keeps them engaged and wanting more.

Annette believes in economic empowerment in the community and beyond.  She distinguishes herself through her passion for building leaders and professional of all generation, “I am passionate about building wealth and believe all things are possible.”  She is very business savvy and as such she is also involved in various entrepreneurial activities.


Worship – “K. Israel & Gospel Fused”

Spoken Word – Tarishi “M.I.D.N.I.G.H.T.” Shuler

Sacred Dance – Krista Billard

Krista Billard grew up in Long Island, NY where she received classical training at The Berest Dance Studio, under the direction of Olga Berest. Upon moving to CT, she continued to train at The Studio of Dance, The University of Hartford, and The Greater Academy of Dance.

Krista Billard is finishing her studies at Liberty University Theological Seminary, attaining a M.A.R. (Masters of Arts in Religion) in Pastoral Counseling focusing on intensive study of the Scriptures in conjunction with Christian counseling. In addition, Krista has a B.F.A. from The Hartford Art School (U of H) and has studied, taught, and ministered using both dance and art forms of therapy at retreats and churches throughout New England.

In 2013, Krista opened Eden Ministries under The Healing Tree LLC pastoral counseling center, which seeks to introduce dance to the Christian community as a form of therapy, spiritual warfare, and inner healing. Through the discipline of sacred dance, individuals are drawn deeper into the presence of God and experience inner healing through worship. All training and therapy addresses the body, mind, soul, and spirit in accordance with the first commandment as the foundational principle for change, bringing a deeper revelation of the love of God.

Krista resides in Hebron, CT with her husband Anthony and two sons, Paul and Mark. Link to Eden Ministries on facebook:

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