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Jesus Stained Glass
I am excited at this opportunity to glorify Jesus.

The whole of creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God.

You’re a change agent… a transformer not a conformer. God put you on the planet to inspire and create change… to transform the lives of others and bring them to the saving knowledge of Jesus not so much by preaching but by DEMONSTRATING. Your life is designed to be a DEMONSTRATION of God’s love, power, mercy and grace. Your DEMONSTRATION of his love, power, grace and mercy is NOT intended to take place within the four walls of a Church but in the world, the marketplace, where it is most needed – 1 Corinthians 2 v 4.


We are lions and lionesses from the tribe of Judah who are hungrily digging deep and devouring the Word of God!


Jesus Stained Glass

We are a global apostolic prophetic network of Sons [and Daughters] who are done with scratching the surface and are moving from elementary things unto maturity, feasting on the filet mignon of the word of God Hebrews 6: 1 & 2


Royal Proclamations Service


“Princess Bola is an expert in understanding the human condition and is a true grassroots Community Leader. Her keen ability to professionally facilitate discussions with those of various socio-economic backgrounds while reaching meaningful outcomes is a testament to her passion to improve our communities.”

Steven I. Adler
Town Councilman, Town of West Hartford

“Princess Bola is a highly-effective entrepreneur who can pull together various individuals to create cohesive conferences and workshops. Her presentations are very inspiring, motivational and informative.”

Hall Antoinette
Information Architect, Travelers Insurance

“Princess Bola is an enthusiastic, gifted communicator and not only has the unique ability to see positive potential and success, but articulate that in a way that motivates her clients and colleagues. I have also seen her ability to network and bring together people with diverse skill sets to achieve her professional goals. I highly recommend Princess Bola for her dynamic presentations, sincere approach, and ability to bring out the best in people.”

Janine Hewitt
Newsletter Editor, Jewish Family Services

“Princess Bola is a force to be reckoned with! She is a powerful women’s advocate with a passion for life and the wherewithal to guide any woman through career and life challenges. Try her….you’ll love her energy!”

Erika Dworkin
Nutrition Consultant/Dir., Strategy & Marketing, Manchester Parkade Health Shoppe

“If you need inspiration in your life, if you need a positive shake-up to get your business moving in the right growth direction, then you need to hire Princess Bola Adelani, the Total Success Coach. Not only is she is amazing, powerful professional speaker (who commands total attention of any audience), she is a smart, business coach who can help you achieve greater success through her grounded principles, sensible strategies, connections and creative ideas. I believe in Princess Bola and feel honored to have her in my professional network.”

Kathy McAfee
America’s Marketing Motivator, Executive Presentation Coach & Professional Speaker, KMC Brand Innovation, LLC

“Princess Bola’s conferences are a wealth full of information for women and girls. Her programs are exceptional and her conferences very well organized, energizing and chock full of ways to grow personally and professionally”

Karen Hinds
Founder/CEO, Workplace Success Group LLC
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