“I have NOT changed my mind” – God.

Those were the powerful words God spoke to my spirit a few weeks ago. He was referring to the mandate he gave me in 2015 (shared in this video) that I should raise him a global end time army of #MarketplaceEvangelists who will strategically and innovatively leverage their gifts and talents to advance his Kingdom.

He spoke to me after a couple of botched attempts to execute the vision including “outsourcing” it to others! (I now realize that you cannot “outsource” a vision God gave YOU… especially in the initial stages).

What God is saying is that he has not changed his mind about the mandate. He still wants me to mobilize and mentor this army… He wants me to move forward with the vision he gave me. [If you have ever felt like God changed his mind concerning a promise he gave you and/or your dream died, then you absolutely have to watch my latest video titled; “Your Dream is NOT Dead!”]

On that note, I am pleased to inform you that GAME Changers®– Royal Proclamations faith-based Kingdom Evangelistic Empowerment and Networking (KEEN) initiative is BACK!

I will be PERSONALLY leading and facilitating the monthly meetups which will be held virtually. Check out codependancy retreat prices. (We will invite subject-matter experts from time to time)

So if you are:
• Passionate about soul winning and advancing the Kingdom of God,
• Want to learn strategic and innovative ways of preaching the gospel and advancing the Kingdom of God,
• Want to unleash your legacy and make your mark for eternity,
• Be part of a supportive and prayerful community of like-minded people,
• Learn How to package your gifts and talents as a vehicle of transformation and change,
• Deepen your influence and impact in the marketplace,
• Fulfill your higher calling and destiny as a transformer and leader of change,
• Be mentored by an award-winning and world renowned transformational leader and coach,
• Know how to wield the spiritual weapons of war that are not carnal,
• Pursue #SuccessByGodsDesign,

Then join me for these series of relaxed, engaging, informal, fun networking and empowerment meetups. The kick-off event is on:

Date: Thursday, May 25, 2017
(And EVERY 4th Thursday of the Month thereafter)

Time: 2pm EST
(6pm Ghana, 7pm UK/NGR., 8pm SA and 10pm UAE)
8pm EST

Location: Online

Admission: FREE

While Admission/ membership is FREE, pre-registration is required. Register NOW and be part of this global network of people rising to their destiny and taking their place in their Father’s Kingdom.

NOT Business As Usual… It’s a REVOLUTION!!!

Invite a friend and spread the Word.