It is often said that; “only a fool does the same thing and expect different results!” and since I am no fool i began to ask myself this question; “what new thing are you going to do in 2014 to get better results?!”. I have been musing on that question for a while and I finally got my answer… I will be more still in 2014. i will wait on God more. I will make sure that am led by the Spirit and NOT by my mind/intellect/emotions. I will go forward, not in my own strength, but in the strength of God. I will allow God to take the lead!

I know that for many of you that is NO big deal but for the control freak that I am that is a BIG deal! lol. I realize that in the past I tend to lean heavily onto my own understanding, that I had become the master and architect of my destiny and I was the pilot while God was the co-pilot. As my own master, I have accomplished a lot of success but realize that I will be TOTALLY successful if I allow God to be the master, architect and pilot.  So, I am “letting go and letting God”… In practical terms, that means I will be spending the first quarter of 2014 BE-ING still… in the presence of God… waiting, praying, seeking, listening…BE-ING quiet… No appointments, running up and down, networking, etc… just BE-ING

What about YOU? what are you going to do differently? What is your NEW strategy for TOTAL success in 2014?

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