In my nearly two decades career in the people business, (as a preacher and coach), I have narrowed down what I call; “The 3’Ds of Failure”. The three main factors that causes people to fail at work and in life:

1. Distraction – the process of being side-lined, minoring on the major and majoring on the minor, the inability to stay the course and focus on Adult Games one’s primary mission and vision.

2. Delusion – an over-estimation of your talents and abilities which causes refusal to ask or seek for help or follow the advice of experts. Doing the same things but expecting different results. The “I know it ALL syndrome”.

3. Discouragement/Doubt – emotional, mental and spiritual fatigue stemming from working hard and not seeing the results, visit this website. A lack of a positive network of like-minded people and a motivational coach who is speaking into your life and who believes in you.

I have the anti-dote for these Diseases. Contact me for to request an application for my private and group coaching programs. Deadline for application is 9/15/14. Fall semester kick-off, 9/25/14. #PowerForward #Coaching4BIGimpact #ConquerorsAcademy