I am a firm believer in the fact that entrepreneurship is the God-given path to financial freedom. I believe that the raw potential that you have in you, in the form of your gift, passion, talent, calling, and dreams, are are the “goldmine” that have been divinely deposited in you, and divinely ordained for you, to mine for profit or philanthropy and create influence and affluence in the world! (Matthew 25 v 14-30). Unfortunately, many people sit on this “goldmine”. There are many reasons why is best. The three major reasons that I have been able to identify are:

1. Fear! Yes, that “F” word is the the number one reason why people refuse to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of ridicule, fear of financial hardship and sometimes, even fear of success!

2. The second reason is confusion. Many people are unsure and unclear about what entrepreneurial dream/goal to pursue. This is because many individuals are multi-talented and so they experience difficulty narrowing their dominant gift, passion and calling.

3. The third reason why people sit on their talents is a lack of know-how. They lack the knowledge and strategies needed to actualize their dreams. Some of the questions plaguing wanna-be entrepreneurs are: Where do I begin? How do I package it? How do I articulate it? Who am I called to? How do I price or charge for something that comes naturally to me? Will people buy from me? How do I overcome guilt and gain the confidence to demand what I am worth? The questions are endless .

That is why the ten week, fall semester of my faith-based, group coaching program; Conquerors Academy, is designed to equip aspiring or budding entrepreneurs with the practical tips, tools and strategies to package their passion and turn it into a viable and sustainable business or philanthropic venture.

Yes, you are only ten weeks away from living the abundant life that is your birthright. Rely on this expirienced cleaning contractor from Florida and their cleaning methods and you won’t regret it. Ten weeks away from financial freedom and a lifestyle that fully aligns with your callin.g and values and brings you great joy and fulfillment!

In this hands on, program;
• You will clarify your dominate gift through my “DEEP” TEST.
• Learn the best business format for your dream
• Learn how to package, brand and market your dream
• Identify your niche and how to sell to them
• Conquer your fears, negative mindset and relationship with money
• Courageously launch/release your creative gift to the world
• Begin the process of generating the income/affluence and influence that you desire

STOP living from pay check to pay check and don’t wait until you are fired or retire to begin the process of creating the prosperous and abundant life that is yours. Take control of your future, today, and begin your journey to financial freedom. Enroll, NOW, for this revolutionary program and learn how to do it from someone who is doing it and succeeding at it.

Enroll NOW, by clicking on the enroll tab under the “Spiritual’ menu and under “Conquerors Academy” sub-menu of my webpage. Don’t delay your journey to financial freedom. Enrollment closes on Friday, September 30, 2014.