We live in a mega, super-sized world where we have been conditioned to believe that bigger is better. That BIGGER is a sign of success. So, we are constantly chasing the “BIG” – BIGGER cars, BIGGER houses, BIGGER pay checks, BIGGER deals, BIGGER clients and BIGGER members. And I must confess, I caught the “BIGGER Bug” and was part of the “BIGGER, MEGA- craze” and so, as successful and BIG as many of my events were, I was NEVER satisfied because I always wanted them to be BIGGER!!!

But as many of you know, I recently went through a major life transition that caused me to re-define who I was, my mission and my core values and I can honestly say that one of the major things I redefined was; “Success”. I have come to agree with the phrase that “less is indeed MORE”, and the belief that BIGGER isn’t always BETTER. And this is why;

During my transition, in spite of being blessed with a LARGE following, I found that only a FEW, core, associates reached out to me. This caused me to evaluate my relationships. And when I did, I also found that MOST of the opportunities that I have had professionally, in my career, as a speaker, coach and consultant, has come through referrals and opportunities proffered by a FEW contacts. As you can see, my networking tip of the month comes from real life experience, and is this; “THINK quality over quantity – quality TRUMPS quantity!”

Many people erroneously THINK of networking as some kind of popularity contest. A race to acquire MANY likes on their FB page or many connections on LINKEDIN but that is FAR from what networking is. Networking is about building strategic, trusting, lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with people of shared mind and values. That, as you know takes time, energy and commitment and the fewer there are the more time and energy you can devote to them.

So, at my next Networking event on 10/28, come with the mindset and attitude of wanting to make one or two “quality connections” rather than hand-out and collect as many business cards as possible! (By the way, that is why I intentionally keep this event SMALL).

This “Quality over QUANTITY” principle is true for vendors and sales people, too! Rather than wanting to make MEGA sales at one event, be MORE focused on making a FEW loyal customers who offer repeat business and multiple referrals.

Here’s to Smart, Savvy and Strategic Networking!

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