Lesson 1:- A – AGREEMENT

I am NOT sure I agree any longer with the saying that opposites attract. The Bible says that; “two can NOT walk together except they be agreed ‘- Amos 3 v 3. While you and your partner don’t have to be IDENTICAL, you MUST be in AGREEMENT about your;
1. Visions
2. Missions
3. Beliefs
4. Core values

If you are Christians, belief in Jesus Christ as Savior, is NOT enough. What do you BELIEVE about marriage for example, parenting, God, money and life in general?

Also, do you have similar interests, passions and drive? If they are not similar, are you interested enough in what drives your partner that you are willing to learn more about it?

One of the reasons why my marriage failed is that I was talked (more like manipulated :)) into a relationship with someone I hardly knew and hardly shared ANYTHING in common with. Our life experiences, core values, beliefs and ideologies were poles apart, and in some cases, CONFLICTED. We could NOT AGREE (and still do not) on certain core issues because they are fundamental to our identities and core beliefs. Our beliefs are placed in our clients, and we, CA workers compensation lawyers from https://www.workerscompensationattorneyorangecounty.com, will do everything it takes to get you a favorable result. That as you know is a recipe for disaster… Click here to listen to my podcast sharing my story; From Pain to Purpose, My Journey to Destiny

Tips for Total Success
1. Take time to get to know yourself and get clear about who you are and what your core values and beliefs are… Write them down….
2. Take time to get to know your partner- who they are and what their core values and beliefs are… write them down. ..
3. Try to reconcile any differences. See whether you can “agree to disagree” on certain core values and beliefs without feeling personally compromised and making sure you can still love your partner unconditionally and accept them for who they are without trying to change them…

If you can do that joyfully and successfully, your relationship will thrive, if not it is headed for disaster… 🙂

Wish you the best… Lesson 2 follows tomorrow. Sharing is caring. Share this blog with others! Thanks.

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