I recently read my colleague and friend, Lorna Little’s Memoir titled; “Mums the Word”, and was inspired by her courage and vulnerability in sharing some dark secret about her life and childhood. It reinforced my resolve, since my divorce in 2012, to live more authentically and vulnerably.

I realized that, while I had made HUGE strides in my journey to authenticity and vulnerability by sharing my story ‘From Pain to Purpose, My Journey to Destiny’ via a live event and teleconference, there were still aspects of my story that I was guarding and masking. unmasking

Lorna’s Book inspired me to take another HUGE leap in my journey, and decided that, in celebration of St Valentine’s Day, starting today, Feb 9, 2015, to share; ‘My 7 Life Lessons About Love and Marriage from My Failed Marriage’.

I will be sharing these life lessons via DAILY posts on my BLOG and ending on Valentine’s Day with a radio interview on “Destiny Moments Radio Broadcast” with Angel Murchison.

I would like to issue a disclaimer that the reason for sharing my story is NOT to cast any negative apparitions on any individual or church denomination. Here are the reasons for sharing these life lessons;
• There is NO shame in divorce or ANY kind of failure for that matter.
• Sometimes we learn MORE from our failures than we do from our successes.
• The moment a “wound/pain” is exposed, it loses its POWER to hurt and TRUE healing process can begin.
• Our failures and life story are designed to inspire and encourage others.
• Our failures and life story can educate others and help them avoid some of our mistakes.
• God gets the glory when we acknowledge our failures, weaknesses and mistakes as people are better able to appreciate the grace, mercy and power of God in our lives.

So, I invite you to join me on this exciting 7-day journey and read and share the daily posts on my BLOG. I will also be sharing my blog posts on all the major social media sites; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn… so, now is a good time to connect with me socially if you are not already connected.
Lastly don’t forget to tune in to the grande finale on Valentine Day at 2.30pm, EST and tune in to my radio interview on “Destiny Moments Radio Broadcast” with Angel Murchison.

I pray that my life lessons helps to improve the marriages of those who are married, help singles to make smart choices and inspire both single and married to unmask and dare to become vulnerable the best office cleaning company in annapolis. Ultimately, I pray that God gets ALL the glory!

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