After 25 years in ministry, below are some of the things I know for sure about;

 God is faithful – he can be trusted.

 God is loving – he cares deeply and personally about his people.

 God is fun-loving – he has a great sense of human. He likes to laugh and smile…. he is not a kill joy. He wants his children to relax and enjoy the journey.

 People cannot be trusted – don’t ever put your confidence/trust in man.

 People are selfish – They are in it for themselves – they are always thinking; “What’s In For Me (WIFM:))

 People are smart – they can smell a phony a mile away – they can tell if you are sincere and if you truly care.

 People want to be loved and valued and will remain loyal and faithful to those who sincerely love and appreciate them.

 True ministry takes place outside the four walls of the Church building – ministry is about our daily interactions with people outside Church and how we impact them for eternity.

 Ministry is about service – serving God’s people and wanting the best for them. It is NOT about any individual.

 Ministry is about advancing God’s kingdom and building God’s people. It is NOT about growing church membership or denominational vision. It is allegiance to Jesus and he alone.

 Leadership is a trust – it is about positively influencing people for the glory of God. Therefore, leadership must be handled reverentially and with utmost care.

 Leadership is about service – it is about passionately caring and serving God and his people.

 Leadership involves a higher standard of behavior and accountability – To whom much is given, much is required.

 Leadership is sacrificial – all things are lawful for a leader but not all things are expedient. Leadership is about sacrificing personal sacrifice to remain an example and role model.

Princess Bola is a British-trained corporate lawyer, an award winning entrepreneur, a revolutionary thought leader, a master business strategist, a TV personality and an international success coach and trainer.

As America’s “Dream-midwife, Spiritual Money Coach and Queen of Networking”, Princess Bola Adelani, aka the Total Success Coach, equips people with the “POWER” to unlock their Passion, seize Opportunities, gain Wisdom, build on their Experience and get Results by helping them master the four pillars of TOTAL success; money, mind, people and spirit. 1978806_10202740611629183_1662866134_n

She is the Founder and CEO of Royal Proclamations, a personal and professional training firm based in Hartford, Connecticut, which inspires thousands globally to greater personal, and professional fulfillment. She is also lead pastor and apostle at, The Gathering Place, a fresh and revolutionary NU (New & Unusual) church movement.

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