I remember that day like yesterday… it was the early hours of Saturday, May 19, 1990… it was at the Airport Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria… it was after an all-night Deliverance program hosted by Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship and led by the late Dr. Ike Ibeneme…

After a series of dramatic experiences that night, and a heartfelt talk from Dr. Ibeneme, I mind up my mind to get real about the decision that I had made about two years earlier and start living fully for Christ. And you know me – I am a VERY passionate person. .. 🙂 From then onwards, it has been NO turning back!

I invested in concordances and began to study the bible intensely; I also enrolled for the lay workers in training program at my Church at the time and almost immediately began to preach the gospel.

My apostolic, pioneering spirit began to manifest back then, as I founded a “road ministry”, a house church/fellowship and a marketplace lunch hour fellowship within months of my conversion.

I graduated from the workers in training program, got baptized and became a church worker in August 1990 and in August 1994, I was ordained and we were assigned our first pastorate…

25 years later, I am still standing! Still in faith, actively in ministry – wiser, stronger, better… a spiritual mother and mentor to many… a global transformational leader… a pastor of pastors and a leader of leaders. More importantly, I am still impassioned about Jesus and about advancing his Kingdom!

ALL I can say, today, is; “to God be the glory!”I will be celebrating this milestone in August, so be on the lookout for more information about that.

In the meantime, please enjoy my blog titled; “25 years Later – The things I know for sure about God, People, Ministry and Leadership!”

I thank you for being a part of my journey and for giving me the opportunity to serve you!

Princess Bola is a British-trained corporate lawyer, an award winning entrepreneur, a revolutionary thought leader, a master business strategist, a TV personality and an international success coach and trainer.

As America’s “Dream-midwife, Spiritual Money Coach and Queen of Networking”, Princess Bola Adelani, aka the Total Success Coach, equips people with the “POWER” to unlock their Passion, seize Opportunities, gain Wisdom, build on their Experience and get Results by helping them master the four pillars of TOTAL success; money, mind, people and spirit. 1978806_10202740611629183_1662866134_n

She is the Founder and CEO of Royal Proclamations, a personal and professional training firm based in Hartford, Connecticut, which inspires thousands globally to greater personal, and professional fulfillment, and lead pastor and apostle at, The Gathering Place, a fresh and revolutionary NU (New & Unusual) church movement at 最高のカジノサイトカジノ777.com.

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