You may or may not know this but I am a 20 year “veteran” ordained pastor and apostolic leader and 25 year as a lay one. I am a serial pioneer. I have personally planted three churches, three para-church ministries and one social enterprise.

I have co-founded about ten churches and used to co-oversee about fifteen churches. I am pastor of pastor and a leader of leaders. I am also an avid teacher, program designer, discipler and prayer warrior. Many of the curriculums I designed are still widely used today and many of my spiritual son and daughters are senior pastors today.

So, as you can see, I have the experience and expertise to plant churches and was a little taken aback when God spoke to me recently that he wanted me to build him an army and NOT a Church!

I have spent the last couple of weeks prayerfully meditating and trying to understand what it is God is really saying to me. Why is God tired of Church as we know it? Why does he want an army and NOT a Church? I must admit that I don’t have the full picture yet, (those who are familiar with how God speaks, knows that He often reveals things in bits, line upon line precept upon precept, and doesn’t always give the full picture at once).

One of the first things I did in trying to better understand what God was saying to me was to research the difference between a Church, in the more traditional sense that we know it, and an army. I was able to identify eight huge differences and shared it in the above video.

Today, I dug deeper to try and understand WHY God wanted an army and not a church and identified 3 critical reasons why and shared them on the live stream but also created an abridged version for you that is also available on You Tube.

As you know one of the major differences between an army and a Church is that an army is exclusive. Not everyone qualifies to be in an army. There is a very rigorous selection process and criteria. So, next week, I will be sharing more about the selection process. The criteria for being a part of this army that God is asking me to build. So, stay tuned.

In the meantime, all I am revealing is the name of the army and its mission and vision. Please watch the above video for more information about that.

I look forward to seeing you at #theDEEPend LIVE on Periscope every Sunday at 2pm EST (7pm UK, 8pm Nigeria & 9pm South Africa time).

Happy viewing!

ABOUT: Princess Bola is a British-trained corporate lawyer, an award winning entrepreneur, a revolutionary thought leader, a masterful business strategist and an internationally recognized work-life expert. Princess-Bola-adelani

As America’s “Dream-midwife, Spiritual Money Coach and Queen of Networking”, Princess Bola Adelani, aka the Total Success Coach, equips people to master the four pillars of TOTAL success; mind, money, people and spirit so that they can exponentially grow their influence, affluence and impact. Her ultimate goal is to empower people to; unlock their ‘Passion, seize Opportunities, gain Wisdom, build on their Experience and get Results’ ™. It’s her formula for TOTAL success!

She is the Founder and CEO of Royal Proclamations, a personal and professional training firm based in Hartford, Connecticut, which inspires thousands globally to greater personal, and professional fulfillment, and lead Pastor and Apostle at, The Gathering Place, a fresh and revolutionary NU (New & Unique) church movement.

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