It has been quite a journey (8 years) with SO many twists, turns, detours and decoys but glad to announce that my long awaited Book; ‘THE MASTER’S MIND ON TOTAL SUCCESS’ is FINALLY here!

Yes, on FEBRUARY 28, 2016 you will finally be able to know the SECRET of TOTAL success because in this powerful book you’ll “Discover God’s Wisdom and the 3 Core Hidden Foundational Principles and Strategies to Catapult Your Personal and Professional Success”

I am celebrating this milestone with a virtual Book-launch party from Sunday, February 21 until the release date on February 28, 2016 with 3 DAILY sessions of ‘Prayer, emPoweRment and Praise’ LIVE on Periscope at 12 am Midnight (5am UK, 6am Nigeria & 7am South Africa), 12 Noon (5pm UK, 6pm Nigeria and 7pm South Africa) and 7pm EST (12 midnight UK, 1am Nigeria & 2am South Africa), respectively.

On the broadcasts, I will be sharing how I navigated my eight year ‘Journey to Destiny’ and the ‘7 Critical Factors to Activate, Accelerate and Actualize Your Dream and Divine Destiny’ in 2016.

Don’t miss it. You are next in line to give birth to your God-given dream and destiny.

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