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ABOUT: America’s “Dream-midwife, Spiritual Money Coach and Queen of Networking”, Princess Bola Adelani, aka the Total Success Coach, equips people to master the four pillars of TOTAL success; mind, money, people and spirit so that they can exponentially grow their influence, affluence and impact. Her ultimate goal is to empower people to; unlock their ‘Passion, seize Opportunities, gain Wisdom, build on their Experience and get Results’ ™. It’s her formula for TOTAL success!

She is the Founder and CEO of Royal Proclamations, a personal and professional training firm based in Hartford, Connecticut, which inspires thousands globally to greater personal, and professional fulfillment, and lead Pastor and Apostle at, The Gathering Place, a fresh and revolutionary virtual NU (New & Unique) Church movement. Princess-Bola-adelani

Princess Bola is a British-trained corporate lawyer, an award winning entrepreneur, a revolutionary thought leader, a masterful business strategist and an internationally recognized work-life expert.

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