Last November, I shared via this video that the “buzz word” that God gave me would characterize 2016 is “historic”. I said it was going to be a “historic year in so many ways and at some many levels!”. I also prophesied about a major global financial shift that would occur.

A month ago, my sense that major change was in the horizon became heightened and I shared via this video that the wind of change was blowing ferociously and that we should get intentional about our relationship with God.

Well, on Friday, true to my words, my prophesy was fulfilled as Britain in a HISTORIC move voted to get out of the European Union. This sent shock waves through the financial markets and major shift in the global economy (confirming my prophecy).

This is the fourth HISTORIC destiny altering event that has taken place so far in 2016. Here is some of what has occurred;
• Hilary Clinton made ‪‎HISTORY as the first woman to clinch the democratic presidential nomination,
• UCONN women made HISTORY as four time national champions,
• Cavaliers made HISTORY with their recent win, and;
• The Obama Administration in a HISTORIC and unprecedented move passed the Transgender Bill. ‪

The reason why I am bringing this to your attention is because I what you to know that a true prophet of God is in your midst and to admonish you to please pay attention to the words that God is releasing through me.

The Bible says in 2 Chronicles 20: 20 that;

“Believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established, believe his prophets and you shall prosper”

You will ‘prosper’ if you take heed to my words and understand that we are in a MAJOR season of change.

The second half of the year is going to see the fulfillment of my prophecy as far as HISTORIC outpouring of God’s wrath and anger and the magnitude of disasters is concerned.

The ONLY way to avoid being a victim of this outpouring is to fast and pray. God promises to heal our land if we would repent and seek his face and that is why I am inviting you to be a part of my mid-year ‘Retreat, RESET & Recalibrate’ prayer, fasting and empowerment summit.

Don’t be reactionary and defensive in your efforts, be proactive and on the offensive. Register, NOW, to be a part of this program. Don’t be a casualty of the shift.

You have been warned!