When God told me last year (shared in this video), way BEFORE we knew who was running for the elections and who the nominees would be, that the person who wins the U.S. presidential elections will make HISTORY because 2016 is an HISTORIC Year not in my wildest dreams would I have thought it would be Donald Trump making history as the first non-career politician to win the US presidential election with a huge landslide in over 100 years. Wow!

From the historic Brexit vote, to Hilary Clinton’s historic win as the first woman to clinch the democratic presidential ticket, to historic wins by UCONN Women and the Cavaliers, plus the historic rate of civil unrest and police related brutality/riots, 2016 is definitely shaping up to be a historic year indeed.

I am sad to inform you though that there are more dramatic manifestations and HISTORIC moments ahead that are not so positive…

You will recall that in my newsletter on the eve of the elections, I said that the only sense that I had was that there will be some “outbreak of some type of chaos/riots post-election… a lot of bloodshed” and asked that we keep in prayers.

(Well, they have already started… I pray that they would not escalate… PLEASE let’s watch and pray!)

Watch the video below, recorded on the morning of the elections, where I elaborate more about my prophetic sense post-election.

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If you ever doubted, now you know that a true prophet is in your midst 😄

Happy Viewing!