In the Spirit of Thanksgiving, as I reflect and count my blessings, I wanted to take a moment to send a personal note to let you know from the depth of my heart that; I am VERY thankful for YOU!

Thank-YOU for being a part of my “village”,

Thank-YOU for supporting me throughout the year,

Thank-YOU for believing in me,

Thank-YOU for giving me the opportunity to serve YOU,

Thank-YOU for sharing your journey to TOTAL success with me.

YOU challenge me, inspire me and encourage me to rise higher, go deeper, and be better… Have a thankful Thanksgiving.

I am truly thankful to God for YOU!!!


Your Partner in Total Success,

Princess Bola Adelani,
Total Success Coach.
Royal Proclamations Founder/CEO
Total Woman Conference & Inspired Success TV Host
P. O. Box 260562,
Hartford, CT 06126
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